Mailart and correspondence art call:

The idea is to create a fictional city of the distant future known as the Metropolis of Destructon through original mail art and correspondence art. Techniques can be illustration, collage, graphic design, artistamp, sequential art, xerox-art, printmaking, poetry or pros. The subject matter is open but should add some element to expanding this fictional city. All submissions are through the mail and should be scanable for presentation on

All submissions will receive a return correspondence from:
Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2009


All works:
Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reply to Judy Skolnick

Destructon Cityscape, 2008
india ink, watercolour, rubber stamp & perforations
6" x 4 1/2"

Your stylized depiction of the droves of forgotten denizens living amongst the waste management systems below Destructon is simple and yet powerfully illustrative of the unspoken reality. These people bare the weight of an entire industrialized Metropolis on their backs, hidden away below the surface toiling amongst the roots and arteries that sustain the gleaming towers above, without reward.
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

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