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The idea is to create a fictional city of the distant future known as the Metropolis of Destructon through original mail art and correspondence art. Techniques can be illustration, collage, graphic design, artistamp, sequential art, xerox-art, printmaking, poetry or pros. The subject matter is open but should add some element to expanding this fictional city. All submissions are through the mail and should be scanable for presentation on

All submissions will receive a return correspondence from:
Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2009


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Friday, October 24, 2008

Back At It!

Apologies to all that have been waiting to see their contributions posted here at the M.o.D. Blog. After having done the move to the new local I had become completely absorbed with other artistic endeavours and had little to no time to post. In addition to time constraints my dinosaur of a PowerMac decided to give up the ghost, slowly. Making the process very difficult. But I'm back at it...

Some cool things transpired in: M.o.D. Contributions have been steady and I have been producing responses, all will be sent out shortly (soon as I get them documented and posted). One notable contribution, from Robert Joy, has inspired me to produce M.o.D. coins and these will be sent out to all that have participated and to future contributors.

Money of Destructon
Robert Joy, Ellinwood KS

The notion of using beer caps as a currency is an interesting concept to consider. I like it on two basic principals; the first being that it reflects an honest social behavior that brings with it the co-mingling of cultures and the the exchange of information from a diverse group of people. The second being that the beer cap itself is a commodity of no other usefulness, therefor devoid of further corporate or government determination.

Obviously there is no way that it would work in practice, but fictionally speaking, it could be an interesting exercise. The opportunity for potential anarchy on a massive scale one one hand and empowerment on an intimate level presents plenty creative venues to explore.

What with the carte blanche license that central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada (and the like) have to print money - then why not explore, in contrast, the idea of private citizens creating their own localized 'lender of last resort' and determinining a fiat currency to resolve monitery issues at a community level?

Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Reference video:
Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution, 59min 2006
The Truth About the Federal Reserve System, 42min 1996
History of the Federal Reserve (Money Masters), 216min 1995

Monday, July 21, 2008

Peter Dowker, Quebec Canada

The Party's over..., 2008
modified postcard with rubber stamp, acrylic paint and scratches
4" x 6"

au verso

additional postcard with modifications and rubber stamps on reverse
Nature will always find a way to take it back.
-Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Matthew Murray, Vancouver Canada

City in Decay, 2008
modified postcard with fire, ballpoint pen and tape
4" x 6"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

David Berube, New York USA

On the reverse side David Berube writes:

"This creature is a hybrid created by toxic waste combining with insect larvae & hatching in the pods of the insanitateous vinus plant. This creature, although harmless looking, will engulf it's victim with it's vine-like appendages & strangle to death it's prey."

Now that's a cold embrace!
-Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General, MoD

Insanitateous vinus plant, 2008
Lino block print, collage and perforations on recycled card
4" x 6"

Josh Ronsen, Texas USA

Proposal for Luxury Apartment Building, 2008
ink jet on card
4" x 6"

Karen L. Chew, California USA

Venice Rising, 2008
collage and letraset
7" x 5"

Roland Halbritter, Germany

Metropolis 9/11
collage, rubber stamp and drawings on old handwritten card board
8" x 5"

au verso

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fabio Sassi, Bologna Italy

Fabio Sassi, 2008
spray paint, stencil/resist & rubber stamp
4 1/4" x 5 3/4"

au verso

Daniel de Culla, Spain

Information is a control mechanism when distributed by the few, but shared freely it is a form of enlightenment. This correspondence has fallen victim to the prior.
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Collaborative improve, 2008
Daniel de Culla & Ian-Patrick McAllister
colour photo copy and collage
11" x 8 1/2"

Monday, June 30, 2008

Beatriz Albuquerque,

Both accident and chance have left their mark on this piece!

Beatriz Albuquerque, 2008
collage and ball point pen
5 1/2" x 5"

au verso

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reply to Judy Skolnick

Destructon Cityscape, 2008
india ink, watercolour, rubber stamp & perforations
6" x 4 1/2"

Your stylized depiction of the droves of forgotten denizens living amongst the waste management systems below Destructon is simple and yet powerfully illustrative of the unspoken reality. These people bare the weight of an entire industrialized Metropolis on their backs, hidden away below the surface toiling amongst the roots and arteries that sustain the gleaming towers above, without reward.
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Judy Skolnick, Washington DC, USA

Underground Labrinth, 2008
coloured marker on card
4" x 6"

Roxxanne Clark, Louisville KY, USA

Roxanne Clark, Word on the Street 2008
collage and acrylic paint
4" x 6"

au verso
Click pic to enlarge & view.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

John M. Bennett, Columbus OH, USA

Received this envelop with a marker sketch on the front, containing some destroyed buildings, cityscapes and text. The visual poem is a wonderful piece that has the effect of strobing vivid images of the urban environment in my mind.

Try repeat reading 3 to 5 times

collaboration, 2008
John M. Bennett and Sheila E. Murphy

collaboration, 04/23/2008
John M. Bennett and Musicmaster

John M. Bennett, 2008

Collaborator links:

Kieth A. Buchholz, St. Louis, Mo USA

Social Club circa 1947
inkjet and marker
5 1/2" x 4"

Marie Marcano, Surfside Florida USA

Marie Marcano, 2008
sumi ink on paper
4 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reply to Schoko, Berlin Germany

Thank you, if you ever have the opportunity to visit look me up. I'll give you a tour. If you look deeply into this Metropolis it will reveal a truth that will chill the blood. The city is an abstract concept, beyond physicality, time and place. It is without subject matter, without memory. The city is absence in as much.
-Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

absence is as much, 2008
india ink, rubber stamp, typewriter & collage
4" x 6"

John Held Jr., San Francisco, California USA

Received this wonderful rubber stamped envelop filled with goodies today. Some ATCs, an archival document of "Mail Art Island in Brain Cell Ocean" 2001, and a sheet of artistamps that I am seriously considering adding to and sending them out affixed to M.o.D replies.

It's been a very long time since I could actually get away from my work at the Post Office, but last vacation I took some eons ago was to Fluxus Island in D├ęcollage Ocean. Fishing and swimming was great off of Ginger Island, you just had to look out for ubu sharks!
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

top: Tim Mancusi
bottom: John Held Jr.

Artistamp: John Held Jr. 2008
oil pastel & crayon on postage paper
11" x 8 1/2"


Mail Art Island in Brain Cell Ocean: A Korean Travel Diary, John Held Jr. Jeju Travel Diary

Mail Art Island in Brain Cell Ocean: A Korean Travel Diary: John Held Jr. Part II

Reproduction: Nam June Paik, "D├ęcollage 4/63", 1963

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sassu Antonio, Gruppo Sinestetico - Italy

Architecture project future, 2008
stickers, pen, marker and rubber stamp
4" x 6"

Matt Dalby, Manchester UK

Matt Dalby, 2008
coloured pencil and pen
5 1/2" x 3 1/2" ea.

Reply to Clemente, Montevideo Uruguay

The 'high price of fame' indeed. After the massive collapse of the Corporate superstructure following the Energy Independence Wars only a few corporations where left to flourish within their respective industries. Now our choices are few and the control over our needs are great.
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Over looking the Miscanthanol refineries, 2008
pen & ink w/ rubber stamp
4" x 6"

1. Oil Wars; Ismael Hossein-Zadeh
2. Cellulosic Ethanol: Fuel of the Future?
3. How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline. Forever!
4. Miscanthus x giganteus - as an energy crop - Research at the University of Illinois

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Roxanne Clark, Louisville KY, USA

click pic to enlarge, and read
Word on the street, 2008
collage and wax crayon
6" x 4"

The V-eights and other grow-op gangs have become very active in Destructon. Many of the average working class wouldn't even know what fruit and veg tastes like if not for their efforts. And they do it with great risk. Penalties are extreme even for possession of hydro-kits, in some cases it can be a life term of Civil Labour Camp. Corporate run police agencies like Epipharm's gendarmerie H.I.U.* use high tech equipment to detect off gassing from fertilizers used in hydro gardens. The very real threat is the increase and popularity of IVbars and mainline juicing!
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

* Hydroponic Intervention Unit

Metropolis of Destructon topograph, 2008
pen & ink with rubber stamp and perforations
4 1/2" x 6"

1. Japan Today: Intravenous Vitamin Mix Bar Alleviate Stress, Aging

2. Tenteki10, Drop-in IV drip therapy

Schoko Casana Rosso, Berlin Germany

Schoko Casana Rosso Mildbrandt, 2008
Lost City, People get lost!
pen & ink w/ watercolour
4" x 6"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reply to Homeless Man

Sometimes I go too far, but too far isn't far enough ...sometimes!
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

never odd or even, 2008
india ink, rubber stamp & collage
4" x 6"

Clemente, Montevideo Uruguay

Clemente Padin, 2008
photocopy, letraset and stickers
6" x 4"

Portraits from Destructon: Freight Yards

An unnamed homeless man of Destructon sends his thoughts:

Roxanne Clark, Louisville KY, 2008
acrylic paint and collage
4" x 6"

Au verso:
" Some find themselves running away from things ...others are running towards something ...know what I mean? I don't think there's anywhere to run ..."

His hopeless situation is closed with the expletive, "Got any CRPs*?"

*CRPs (Civilian Ration Packets): government controlled nutrient enriched food supplements that are obtained with a prescription from a certified nutritionist of Destructon.

Portraits from Destructon: Freight Yards

Roxanne Clark, Louisville KY, 2008
acrylic and collage
4" x 6"

Au verso:
"Sometimes you just get to the point where you say; Screw IT! I Just want to be numb!"
-Sarah T.

Portraits from Destructon: Freight Yards

Au verso:
" There are really only three kinds of people in Destructon.. people who fight ... peaople who surrender ...and people who profit off the other two.."
- Darren D.

Roxanne Clark, Louisville KY, 2008
acrylic paint and collage
6" x 4"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Post to David Berube

David's mail art call, Bugs, was so pertinent to the current state of affairs within the Metropolis of Destructon that I felt compelled to respond. Within this mecca of commercial & industrial production nothing much has survived from the region's original habitats. There is no avian or aquatic species, no non-domesticated animals or botanicals and no geographically specific culture. Two things thrive in Destructon; human capital and insect infestation. With the constant influx of cheap labour to keep the factories chugging out their product comes with them infestations of crawlers. Insects dwell in the ring of human detritus and there is more than enough of that here, in fact it's hard to separate one from the other. A sort of 'chicken and the egg' phenomena is at work.
-Mr. Sparrow

Metropolis of Destructon topographic, 2008
ink w/ rubber stamp on card
6 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post to: Roxanne, Louisville KY, USA

Metropolis of Destructon freight yards, 2008
india ink and rubber stamp

Depicted here are the most westerly docks of Destructon's freight yards. In the second panel you can see the Epipharm Hydroponic Dome, the only place in all of the Metropolis where any vegetation can be found. Epipharm™ is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufactures and producers of human food supplements. All food is controlled by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) under the 'Beneficial to Human Health Act' and requires a prescription from a certified family nutritionist to obtain. Only the supper rich can afford real hydroponic fruits and vegetables, the rest live on "nutritionally balanced for life" civilian ration packets (CRPs).
- Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.


Roxanne, Louisville KY, USA

These pensive and poetic quandaries bring to mind the intellectual absenteeism that can inflict the residence of a big city, allowing their culture, society and lifestyle to crumble into a distopian doldrum.

Roxanne Clark
Front 1/3: Collage 2008

Reverse 1/3

Roxanne Clark
Front 2/3: Collage 2008

Reverse 2/3

Roxanne Clark
Front 3/3: Collage 2008

Reverse 3/3