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The idea is to create a fictional city of the distant future known as the Metropolis of Destructon through original mail art and correspondence art. Techniques can be illustration, collage, graphic design, artistamp, sequential art, xerox-art, printmaking, poetry or pros. The subject matter is open but should add some element to expanding this fictional city. All submissions are through the mail and should be scanable for presentation on

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Back At It!

Apologies to all that have been waiting to see their contributions posted here at the M.o.D. Blog. After having done the move to the new local I had become completely absorbed with other artistic endeavours and had little to no time to post. In addition to time constraints my dinosaur of a PowerMac decided to give up the ghost, slowly. Making the process very difficult. But I'm back at it...

Some cool things transpired in: M.o.D. Contributions have been steady and I have been producing responses, all will be sent out shortly (soon as I get them documented and posted). One notable contribution, from Robert Joy, has inspired me to produce M.o.D. coins and these will be sent out to all that have participated and to future contributors.

Money of Destructon
Robert Joy, Ellinwood KS

The notion of using beer caps as a currency is an interesting concept to consider. I like it on two basic principals; the first being that it reflects an honest social behavior that brings with it the co-mingling of cultures and the the exchange of information from a diverse group of people. The second being that the beer cap itself is a commodity of no other usefulness, therefor devoid of further corporate or government determination.

Obviously there is no way that it would work in practice, but fictionally speaking, it could be an interesting exercise. The opportunity for potential anarchy on a massive scale one one hand and empowerment on an intimate level presents plenty creative venues to explore.

What with the carte blanche license that central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada (and the like) have to print money - then why not explore, in contrast, the idea of private citizens creating their own localized 'lender of last resort' and determinining a fiat currency to resolve monitery issues at a community level?

Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Reference video:
Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution, 59min 2006
The Truth About the Federal Reserve System, 42min 1996
History of the Federal Reserve (Money Masters), 216min 1995