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The idea is to create a fictional city of the distant future known as the Metropolis of Destructon through original mail art and correspondence art. Techniques can be illustration, collage, graphic design, artistamp, sequential art, xerox-art, printmaking, poetry or pros. The subject matter is open but should add some element to expanding this fictional city. All submissions are through the mail and should be scanable for presentation on

All submissions will receive a return correspondence from:
Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2009


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Monday, June 9, 2008

Dewi, Toronto Canada

An artist and denizen of Hog Town, Dewi sent in this reminder that "despite all our technology and awareness it is hard to conquer addiction, homelessness and illness."

Dewi, Toronto
"Homeless man, Rue St. Cathrine" 2008
pen, pencil and watercolour

, like all major industrialized cities has it's history of homelessness and impoverished. Living entangled amongst the waste management corridors in shanty towns of cardboard, scavenged metal and dated refuge are the people that can no longer function within the system of the higher levels. Deposited and hidden away out of shame. Nothing here has lustre and nothing here has any value, this is where things are tossed to rot. Nothing thrives here it only continues because the sewage from above feeds it perpetually...
- Mr.Sparrow, Post Master General M.o.D.

Post to : Dewi 2008
india ink, watercoulour and rubber stamp

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